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ISPS is an international organization promoting psychological and social treatments for persons with psychosis (a term which includes persons diagnosed with "schizophrenia"). We are committed to advancing education, training and knowledge of mental health professionals in the treatment and prevention of psychotic mental disorders. We seek to achieve the best possible outcomes for service user/survivors of psychosis by engaging in meaningful partnership with health professionals, people with lived experience, family members and carers. 
The ISPS Charter of Good Practice in Psychological Therapies for People Experiencing Psychosis
ISPS in Perugia, September 2022

Co-Constructing Healing Spaces
ISPS 2022 Conference

ISPS in Perugia, September 2022

Co-Constructing Healing Spaces
ISPS 2022 Conference

Stranger in the City, ISPS 2019

Plenary session of the 21st International Congress of the ISPS,

28th August – 1st September 2019 in Rotterdam

Stranger in the City, ISPS 2019

Long-time members of ISPS at the 21st International Congress of the ISPS,

28th August – 1st September 2019 in Rotterdam

ISPS in Liverpool, August 2017
Professor Jim Van Os speaking at the 20th International Congress of the ISPS in Liverpool, August 2017

Latest News

  • Learn more about ISPS

    Join us for the next ISPS WEBINAR on "Amniotic Therapy" on Friday 24th March 2023, 6:00-8:30pm (UK time)

    Speakers include Professor Maurizio Peciccia from Italy, Jens Roved from Denmark and Miriam Berges from Germany

    A small donation is requested for attending this webinar

    Register here

    ISPS is mourning the loss of one of our esteemed elders, Yrjö Alanen, who passed away at the age of 95 on December 26 in Turku, Finland. For more information on Professor Alanen’s life, and influential work, read this biography written by former ISPS president Manuel González de Chávez.
    ISPS 2024 will take place 5-8th June 2024 in Helsinki, Finland
    See you in Helsinki?
    More news coming soon at www.isps.org
    #isps2024 #ispsinternational
    Jaison Haitana, from New Zealand, is the winner of the David B. Feinsilver award! Find out more
    Did you miss the ISPS webinar "Learning from each other"? Watch the recording HERE
    Letter of ISPS EC regarding the war "To all the people who suffer from the Ukraine war" READ MORE
    "Modern Understanding of Psychosis: from brain disease to stress disorder" recent article in Psychosis by Dr Jan Olav Johannessen and colleagues
    Recently published in the ISPS book series Open Dialogue for Psychosis
    Did you miss the Open Dialogue and Psychosis conference? You can view the recordings of kenote presentations, feedback from workshops, panel and Q&A sessions here


    ISPS supports:

    A Call to Action on Racism and Social Justice in Mental Health

    and Brian Koehler's petition to the American Psychiatric Association and World Health Organization to drop the highly stigmatizing, scientifically-challenged term "schizophrenia" read more

    What's so special about ISPS Conferences?

    ISPS: Our mission, history and what we do



  • ISPS Publications

    ISPS Book Series

    There are now over 20 books in the ISPS collection and several others are "in the pipeline". Learn more

    JNR 10134 The ISPS books presented at the Routledge bookstand



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Families and Carers

  • family members ISPS

    Family members and carers involvement in ISPS

    ISPS welcomes and encourages the involvement of family members and carers in the society and is constantly looking for ways to expand their participation. The International Conference of ISPS in New York (2015) attracted a greater number of family members than any previous conference, several of the presentations and workshops included family members. In 2019 the first family member was elected onto the Executive Committee, Jen Kilyon. ISPS maintains an e-mail discussion group for ISPS members who are carers / have a family member with psychosis. The members of the group offer each other support, discuss and debate issues relevant to their experiences, and liaise with the ISPS Executive Committee. If you are interested in joining the email group please contact isps@isps.org 

    Further information for families of persons with psychosis can be found on our Learning Tools pages.


Survivors of psychosis

  • survivors

    ISPS and its membership officially welcomed the involvement of survivors pf psychosis with the election of the first person with lived experience onto the Executive Committee (EC) in 2012. Since then, at least one of the eight members of the current EC are survivors and ISPS is continually working towards expanding the participation of survivors in the work of the society. The International Conference of ISPS in New York in 2015 included presentations and workshops led by survivors and a very popular survivor/nurse joint presentation from colleagues in Norway. The 20th International Conference of the ISPS further expanded the involvement of people with lived experience and also nurses in the ISPS further information

    Further information for people with lived experience about recovery from psychosis can be found on the ISPS Learning Tools pages.


Discussion Groups

discussionJoin now one of our email discussion groups.

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ISPS Book Series

Finding Hope in the Li...

This book offers first-person accounts of the experience of psychosis from the inside and the outside, through the eyes of two doctors, one of whom...

ISPS Journal


The ISPS Journal Psychosis accepts personal and institutional subscriptions. All Individual Members of ISPS and members of regional ISPS groups receive quarterly issues of the journal as a membership benefit.

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