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ISPS is an international organization promoting psychotherapy and psychological treatments for persons with psychosis (a term which includes persons diagnosed with "schizophrenia"). We are committed to advancing education, training and knowledge of mental health professionals in the treatment and prevention of psychotic mental disorders. We seek to achieve the best possible outcomes for service user/survivors of psychosis by engaging in meaningful partnership with health professionals, service user/survivors, families and carers. 
The ISPS Charter of Good Practice in Psychological Therapies for People Experiencing Psychosis
ISPS in Liverpool, August 2017
Professor Jim Van Os speaking at the 20th International Congress of the ISPS in Liverpool, August 2017
ISPS in Liverpool, August 2017
ISPS Sweden members and Rai Waddingham at the 20th International Congress of the ISPS in Liverpool, August 2017
ISPS in New York City, March 2015
Participants of the 19th International Congress of the ISPS in New York City, March 2015
Memories from ISPS New York 2015

Panel session with Peter Kinderman and Anne Cooke at the 19th biennial international congress of the ISPS

Latest News

  • ISPS membership renewal

    We kindly request that ISPS members renew their membership for 2018 by 20th January. This will ensure that you continue to access membership benefits such as online access and reciept of journal copies without any interruption. Contact your regional group administrator for assistance with renewals - contact details here

    Have you signed the ISPS Liverpool conference Declaration for Change? 

    The ISPS Liverpool 2017 conference was driven by our belief that fundamental changes are needed if people who experience psychosis are to have their psychological and social care needs met adequately. The following statement, our ‘Liverpool Declaration’ sets out our beliefs about the kind of changes that are needed.

    Find out more, and ADD YOUR NAME to the growing list of over 150 individuals and organisations who support the Liverpool Declaration HERE

    Upcoming regional ISPS events - workshops and conferences organised by our networks around the world

    Have you read the November issue of the ISPS Newsletter? view here

  • ISPS Publications

    ISPS Book Series

    There are now over 20 books in the ISPS collection and several others are "in the pipeline". Learn more

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Families and Carers

  • family members ISPS

    Family members and carers involvement in ISPS

    ISPS welcomes and encourages the involvement of family members and carers in the society and is looking to expand their participation. The International Conference of ISPS in New York (March 2015) attracted a greater number of family members than previous conferences and several presentations and workshops included family members. ISPS maintains an e-mail discussion group for ISPS members who are carers / have a family member who has experienced psychosis. The members of the group offer each other support, discuss and debate issues relevant to their experiences, and liaise with the ISPS Executive Committee. If you are interested in joining the email group please contact isps@isps.org 

    Further information for families of persons with psychosis can be found on our Learning Tools pages.


Survivors of psychosis

  • survivors

    ISPS and its membership officially welcomed the involvement of survivors with the election of the first service user / survivor onto the Executive Committee (EC) in 2012. Two of the eight members of the current EC are survivors and ISPS is continually working towards expanding the participation of survivors in the work of the society. The International Conference of ISPS in New York in 2015 included presentations and workshops led by survivors and a very popular survivor/nurse joint presentation from colleagues in Norway. The 20th International Conference of the ISPS aims to expand the involvement of service users, survivors and nurses in the ISPS further information

    Further information for survivors and about recovery from psychosis can be found on our Learning Tools pages.


Discussion Groups

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ISPS Journal


The ISPS Journal Psychosis accepts personal and institutional subscriptions. All Individual Members of ISPS and members of regional ISPS groups receive quarterly issues of the journal as a membership benefit.

The ISPS Journal has recently been accepted by Web of Science

ISPS Book Series

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Art Therapy for Psychosis presents innovative theoretical and clinical approaches to psychosis that have developed in the work of expert clinicians...