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The editors offer these pages as a resource for anyone with an interest in psychological and social approaches to recovery from psychosis. Here you will find information on evidence based approaches, as well as on alternate therapies not yet backed up by the weight of randomly controlled trials. Wherever possible we have also included evidence showing that an approach is ineffective, contraindicated, or even harmful. We hope these pages will be a supportive resource for both experienced and inexperienced clinicians, for people with lived experience and their families.

These pages will be updated as new information becomes available. If you are an expert in a related field, the editors welcome your suggestions..

Editor Learning Resources, Margreet de Pater  -  margreet.depater@ziggo.nl
Editor Psychodynamic Pages, Brian Martindale - bm@bmakm.plus.com
Editor Neurobiology Pages, Brian Koehler - bk64@nyu.edu

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