The corona crisis has brought significant changes to our interactions with each other. While the crisis may be even more challenging for people living with psychosis, we have also heard stories of resilience - that some people with psychosis susceptibility are doing well or even better than others in this period.

Why are we so interested in your experiences during the pandemic?

One of the objectives of ISPS is to investigate the relationship between psychosis and the environment. Now that there are profound changes in the relationship between people, this is a unique opportunity to learn from experience, including learning about the strengths of psychosis susceptible people.

We want to hear from people with psychosis susceptibility as well as family members and practitioners. These stories will serve as the starting point for an international Webinar, which ISPS will hold in June. Looking further ahead, the stories could provide questions for future qualitative research.

In May 2020 ISPS put out a call to people with lived experience of psychosis, to their family members, and to professionals. The first call was to gather stories of experiences of Corona-time - your stories. You can read here these first, brief submissions. As the pandemic progressed, in June we asked for longer stories, which you can read below. These stories served as the starting point for an international Webinar on COVID-19 and Psychosis on 25th June 2020.

You can watch the recording of the webinar on the ISPS YouTube channel here.

Looking further ahead, the stories could provide questions for future qualitative research.

First submissions received (brief stories)

My story (anonymous)

Story of a partner (anonymous)

Andrew Locke's story

Arpita Gupta's story

Georgia Case's story

The Mayor of Crazytown

Tim Ness' story

Ishita Sanyal's story

Rochio Calbacho's story

Eva's story

Diana Prada's story

Why I am a Pirate - Eddo Rats

How the Wall of Status collapsed - Jose Hoekstra

Jeanny Severijns' story

Said's story

Psychosis and Corona


If you wish to submit your Coronavirus story for publication please send it to

We have drawn up three broad questions to enable you to tell your story:

  1. What have your experiences been since the beginning of the pandemic and did your experiences change over time?
  2. What changes did you notice in the relationships between people with psychosis susceptibility, family members and other loved ones, and practitioners? What was the effect of less contact with the environment and distancing? What was the effect of other ways of contact that came into use, such as video and phone calls, greetings across the street, etc.?
  3. What changes would you like to take forward into the future?

Your story can be up to 2 pages long. Please include a summary of a quarter page. You can also create and send an audio recording. All these stories will be presented anonymously, or with your name if you wish, on the ISPS website (provided that you give us permission for this).

If a qualitative research project is initiated from this material, we will contact you in order to get your acceptance to use it in the research.

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