Early Stress/Adversity, Epigenetics & Gene Expression

How Early Experience Exerts a Sustained Influence on Neuronal Function? Michael Meaney W. Thomas Boyce see youtube


Michael J. Meaney, Professor and Director of Program for the Study of Behaviour, Genes and Environment at McGill University, provides an accessible overview of the mechanisms by which maternal care and childhood environment affect gene expression and subsequently translate into behavior. see youtube


Epigenetic transformation -- you are what your grandparents ate: Pamela Peeke at TEDxLowerEastSide see youtube

Dr. Peeke is an internationally renowned physician, scientist, expert and speaker in integrative medicine. Acclaimed as one of America's top physicians, Dr. Peeke is a Pew Foundation Scholar in Nutrition and Metabolism, Assistant Professor of Medicine at the University of Maryland and Fellow of the American College of Physicians. She was the first senior research fellow at the National Institutes of Health Office of Alternative Medicine, studying the effects of chronic stress on the human body. She is WebMD's lifestyle expert, co-host of RadioMD's HER radio show, and a popular in-studio medical commentator for the national networks and media.



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