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Approaches to Psychosis (ISPS-Il), the Center for the Study and Advancement of Youth Mental Health in the Psychology Department of the University of Haifa and the Psychology Department in the College of Management Academic Studies are happy to invite you to its third international conference.

Klinikum Frankfurt Hoechst, Klinik für Psychiatrie und Psychotherapie – Psychosomatik, Gotenstr. 6 – 8, 65929 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Topics: Psychotherapy of Psychoses, Social Therapy of Psychoses, Group Psychotherapy, esp. Psychoanalytical and Psychodynamic Approaches

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Vitos Klinik for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, Cappeler Strasse 98, 35039 Marburg


Den 23:e oktober 2015 händer något som du antagligen inte vill missa! Professor Peter Kinderman från Liverpool University kommer till ISPS:s höstmöte i Stockholm för att presentera den gedigna skriften "Understanding psychosis and schizophrenia" som gavs ut av brittiska psykologförbundet nyligen.Psykologförbundet, RPC, psykiatriska föreningen, yrkesföreningar för sjuksköterskor och socionomer samt Brukarorganisationer finns representerade vid mötet.  

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ISPS Norway and Innlandet Hospital Trust invite you to attend our annual conference:


Good treatment for psychosis: Time - Safety - Meaning - Continuity

Rica Hotel Hamar, Norway

22. - 23. January 2015

This year's conference focuses on quality treatment for people with a psychotic disorder. The new national guidelines for "Assessment, treatment and follow-up for people with psychotic disorders" points to the importance of people with psychotic disorders feeling mastery and feeling that they are in the center of their own treatment and recovery. Treatment services must make time for the alliance, relationship building and continuity in treatment to create safety. Dialogue about needs, wishes and dreams for the individual is meaningful in their everyday life.

Speakers include: Jan Olav Johannessen, Pamela Fuller, Hannah Petrie, Bente Weimand, Leif Johnny Mandelid, Jan Magne Sørensen, Ellen K. Kallander, Kjersti Karlsen, Jan Kåre Hummelvoll, Sigbjørn Nordengen, Terje Solbakken, Lars Danbolt andTor Johan Ekeland.


Organizers: ISPS Norway in cooperation with Innlandet Hospital trust, Department of acute psychiatry and psychosis treatment Sanderud.


Registration: before 20th of December 2014 at


Conference flyer (in Norwegian)


Further information: 

University Hospital Zurich (PUK), Lenggstr. 31, CH-8032 Zürich

Topics: Psychotherapy of Psychoses and Depressions, Social Therapy of Psychoses, Group Psychotherapy, esp. Psychodynamic Approaches and Psychoanalysis

18 Fortbildungspunkte bei Teilnahme an gesamter Tagung!
(Akkreditiert durch Landespsychotherapeutenkammer Baden-Württemberg)

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DDPP Congress in Berlin: 08 - 10 May 2015

"Psychosis and Trauma"

Speakers: Michaela Berg, Mark van der Gaag, Ferdinand Haenel, Hans-Peter Kapfhammer, Josi Rom, Ingo Schäfer und Olaf Schulte-Herbrüggen. (Presentations will mostly be held in German.)

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